Credits Exchange

Under credits exchange agreements, students can take courses at other domestic and foreign universities and the grades they receive will be acknowledged.

Credit Recognition Limit

up to 1/3 of the graduation credits.

Domestic Credits Exchange

  • Requirements for Application
    1. 1.Regular semester: students who have enrolled for 2 semesters or more (as of the semester during which the application is submitted). However, credits exchange is not available during the graduation semester.
    2. 2.Seasonal semester: students who plan to return to the regular semester after taking courses in the seasonal sessions among those enrolled at POSTECH.
  • Course Enrollment: applicants can enroll in the desired courses after receiving confirmation from a supervisor and head professor within the course enrollment period at the enrolled university; the enrolling university then notifies the result of the course enrollment to the relevant exchange university.
  • Course Completion: basic mandatory and mandatory liberal arts courses are to be completed at POSTECH and students cannot take courses at the host university in which the contents are deemed the same as that of courses they have already taken at POSTECH. In principle, regarding the courses taken at first at the host university, retaking make-up courses is only possible at the same host university. Provided, however, recognized alternative courses provided by POSTECH will be excluded.
  • Grade Evaluation and Recognition
    • Grade evaluation for the courses taken at the host university shall be in accordance with the regulations of the host university. The grades and credits shall be recognized as they are by POSTECH, marked on the academic record and included in GPA calculation. (Applicable Period: from the 2015 summer session)
    • Acquired grades shall be marked as a whole, but not be dealt as course withdrawal.
    • Grade recognition: all the grades received at the host university shall be marked as “optional subject” at the first time of recognition. To make the grades received at the host university to be recognized as major subjects or liberal arts, the student must fill out the application form for credit exchange and submit it to Educational Affairs and Records after receiving an approval of the related course professor, supervising professor and head professor.
      * Liberal Arts in need of confirmation by a professor belonging to the curriculum committee at the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences.
    • Period for changing the class of completion: the application form should be submitted before 1/4 of the total class days of a regular semester immediately after the completion of the credits exchange program.
  • Tuition: tuition for the regular semester should be paid to POSTECH, while tuition for a seasonal semester should be paid to the host university in accordance with the tuition collection regulations of the host university.

Overseas Credits Exchange (Short-term study abroad program)

  • Requirement for Application: students who have enrolled in the 2nd year or higher as of the applicable semester and maintain a GPA of over 3.0 as well as regular TOEFL score of over 88 (IBT) (short-term study abroad is not available in the graduation semester). Provided, however, the applicants for universities in non-English speaking countries may substitute the requirement by ITP TOEFL score of over 570, or higher than Level 2 of the POSTECH English certification system. If the standard of the host university differs from that of POSTECH, the former shall override the latter.
  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters (it may differ depending on the exchange university)
  • Required Documents
    • A copy of an application form (as prescribed)
    • A copy of self-introduction letter in Korean and English
    • A copy of transcript
    • A copy of TOEFL score report (within the latest 2 years as of April of the applicable year)
  • Course Enrollment: Same as the course enrollment procedure of POSTECH, the course enrollment details of the host university should be approved by the supervisor and head professors before the submission to the department administration office. The minimum credit for course enrollment shall be 8 credits (at least 3 but no more than 6 credits for the summer session).

Course Completion

Completion of major courses is recommended and enrollment credits for liberal arts are restricted to 1/3 of the total credits. Moreover, the courses in which the contents are deemed the same as that of courses already taken at POSTECH are not allowed to be retaken. (Retaking courses is not acceptable) In principle, students are required to take mandatory liberal arts courses offered by POSTECH. Courses not belonging to the regular courses of the host university are not recognized. (e.g., ESL courses, etc.) The class of completion for liberal arts cannot be recognized as the optional subjects (Summer Session: irrelevant to majors)

Grade Recognition

  • An official transcript directly sent from the host university to POSTECH shall be recognized only.
  • The recognition of credits acquired from the exchange university shall be marked on the academic record with the taken course names and acquired grades as they appear and the acquisition of credits shall be recognized after receiving a separate approval. The approved credits shall be included in the graduation credits, but excluded from the GPA calculation.
  • The acquired credits cannot be withdrawn.
  • Students must submit the class syllabus and supplementary material regarding the completed courses as reference material for credit recognition.
  • Grade recognition procedures: visit the supervising professor with transcript (student) → visit department similar to each course and the concerned professor and request for grade recognition (student) → confirmed by the supervisor and head professor → submission to department administration office (student) → transfer to Educational Affairs and Records (department) → credits approved, individual grade calculation process (Educational Affairs and Records) → completed

Disciplinary Measures for Credits Acquisition Criteria

  • If fewer than 5 recognized credits were completed: 50% of the school scholarship for the short-term study abroad shall be rescinded.
  • If no recognized credit was completed and credit recognition report was not submitted within the given period, then 100% of the school scholarship for the short-term study abroad shall be rescinded.

Department : Educational Affairs
Last Modified : 2020-02-06