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Admission Officer System

POSTECH adopted the admission officer system, away from the existing score-oriented admission system involving the college scholastic ability test and grades on the transcript, in an effort to select an excellent and talented class in accordance with POSTECH’s nature and founding principles. It was in 2009 (from the student newly enrolled in 2010) when for the first time all students in Korea began to be selected by the admission officer system. To single out creative students with passion and potential in math and science, the applicant’s talents had to be evaluated in a multi-faceted assessment through diversifying evaluation factors such as the transcript of the student’s school records, a letter of recommendation and school life. Not only the ability in studying, POSTECH takes into account other factors such as growth potential, latent ability and personality, with tireless effort.

High-Potential Youth Development Program

In order to serve the objective of the admission officer system and to contribute to end private education fever, from 2009, POSTECH has been running the “High-Potential Youth Development Program,” which could provide educational opportunities to students who had difficulty to receive appropriate training due to an underprivileged environment in spite of their passion for math and science. This program operates twice a year during summer and winter vacation; participating students stay in a dorm at POSTECH and participate in intensive training for the subjects of math and sciences from POSTECH professors. All costs are covered by POSTECH.

Integrated Talent Foster Program without Boundaries among Departments

In addition to helping take courses in other departments easily via basic STC (Science & Technology Core) program, this program aims to encourage each student to take double major and minor so that each individual can broaden the realm of learning.

Entrepreneurship Training

Centered by the Industrial & Management Engineering Department, a new entrepreneurship education program together with other departments is currently under development. In addition, school-wide support is being systemized, which includes ENP-like club activities, organization of a pre-start-up office, patent education, leave of absence for start-up creation and so forth.

Entrepreneurship Training

Residential College Program

Following in POSTECH’s tradition to provide all students with on-campus housing since its founding, the Residential College Program has been conducted since 2008 with the intention to let residence halls serve the function as an education space, not just as accommodation. Through this, it is expected that individuals’ personalities and potential are expressed to the fullest through strengthening extra-curricular educational programs such as personality education and that significant contribution is made for freshman and sophomore undergraduate students to adapt early on to campus life and to become inspired in an academic atmosphere.

Residential College Program

English Certification Program

POSTECH puts a lot of effort into helping students master the English language, which is at the core of preparing global talents in science and technology. In 2008, a five-step English certification program was introduced and since then, has been operated to provide a custom-tailored English education befitting the English level of each individual.

Lectures in English in Major Subjects

Since 2010, POSTECH has extended the portion of lectures given in English with the goal to conduct all lectures for major subjects 100% in English, except for Humanities and prerequisite subjects. As of 2012, the portion reached 81.5% for undergraduate programs and 92.2% for graduate programs. With exceptions like some subjects for which English may hinder academic achievement by the nature of the subject, or when an English lecture is ineffective, measures are taken for lectures in all subjects to be delivered completely in English.

Activity-based General Education Curriculum

Activity-based General Education Curriculum

In an effort to embody the holistic education of students, since 2011, POSTECH has run the Activity-based General Education Curriculum, which includes – “Campus life and future design” (1st semester, 1st year, mandatory) that deals with topics such as goal setting and self-management, needed to enter into campus life. “Freshman Seminar” (2nd semester, 1st year, mandatory) helps students enter into academia by inspiring intellectual curiosity and desire for study in small discussion seminars with about 10 members of students and professors. Through these educational programs, it is expected that students, as balanced global leaders, can improve their capacity including leadership, personality and creativity.

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Last Modified : 2016-09-12