Research Program

Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program provides POSTECHIANs with a variety of opportunities to help them grow into promising and competent researchers through diverse trials and errors.

Since its launch in 2000, this program has served to create the conditions and opportunities for undergraduate students to propose research ideas and lead the entire research process as so that they can become motivated to study and grow as researchers.

Along with scholarships and research funds up to 4 million KRW per project, which are intended to encourage vigorous research activities, various support is provided under this program – appointment of a supervisor professor per project to ensure fruitful learning experiences, in-depth experience of writing an academic research paper by the participating student and mentoring services by the supervisor professor. Furthermore, excellent studies are awarded through evaluation over the research process and results and symposiums are held for the findings to be presented and shared among members.

Department : Student Affairs
Last Modified : 2016-09-12