Family Lounge


  • Common area
    • Kitchen: Sink, Refrigerator, Microwave, Baby bottle sterilizer, Baby Chair
    • Diaper Changing: diaper changing table, disposable pads, trash bin
  • Lactation Room: Sofa, Breast Pumping Machine, nursing pillow, Baby bed, table
  • Maternity Lounge: Recliner chairs, Leg massage machine

User Guide

보건복지시설 수유실 이용안내 위치와 이용대상 이용가능시간을 구분하여 설명한 표입니다.
Location Eligible to use Opening Hours
Hogil Kim Memorial Hall #102 (The opposite side of Facility Management office) family with infants and mother-to-be. 08:00~20:00 everyday
  • Cautions
    • The lactation room is open for everyone, but the maternity lounge is for women’s only.
    • Please clean up after using the lounge and turn off the lights and air conditioning.
    • Please refrain from bringing in outside food other than baby food.