Ethics Management

Audit and Inspection

– The department aims to contribute to the establishment of a transparent and ethical culture to build the foundation of a world-leading university.
– It is tasked with protecting the university and its members through proactive activities and rigorous audits and preventing the recurrence of unethical behavior.

Creating a Healthy and Transparent University Culture with POSTECH Ombudsman

Creating a Healthy and Transparent University Culture with POSTECH Ombudsman
Who is the POSTECH Ombudsman?
The POSTECH Ombudsman is an independent, neutral third party resolver who represents and assists university members in resolving problems, concerns and complaints by conducting investigation And making recommendations for change.
POSTECH Ombudsman E-mail:
What Can The POSTECH Ombudsman Help with?
  • Illegal, improper, unreasonable practices of University administrative departments
  • Improper instruction from bosses, harassment, or mistreatment from other members
  • Improper treatment of business partners and subcontractors
  • Various grievances or complaints
Operating Procedures
  • 01 Complaints Received
  • 02 Investigation & Review
  • 03 Complaints Resolved
  • 04 Results Notification

* Information sent to the Ombudsman will remain strictly confidential. Members with grievances may formally report them to the Ombudsman or use other pre-existing formal grievance procedures

  • (Faculty Senate, Staff Association, etc.).
How Can I Ask for Help?
Do you have concerns or grievances? Contact the POSTECH Ombudsman . The Ombudsman is here to protect the interests of the university members with an open mind anywhere anytime.
POSTECH Ombudsman E-mail:
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Last Modified : 2023-07-18